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Property Management Services

Highmoor ASH provides specialist management and consultancy services for residential developments. Our focus is to manage in a manner that will ensure that administration of the holding company is comprehensive, robust and transparent to all directors and shareholders.

We can provide the services detailed below in addition to our Full Management or Lettings Only agreements. We will also consider other requirements put forward by the landlord.


Inventories are critical to reduce or even eliminate disputes at the end of a tenancy. We can carry out a comprehensive inventory and condition survey of the property which is supported by photographic or video records.

Preparation of Property

Prior to a property being let, or between lets, it may be necessary to redecorate, repair faults not reported previously or freshen up due to fair wear and tear. Our contractors are experienced at this type of work and can have the work done without undue delay, thereby having the property ready for a tenant quickly and in an appealing condition. We present the landlord with a free quotation and schedule of the works to be carried out.


We are able to supply household furnishings at competitive prices, from quality local retailers for Landlords looking to furnish or part-furnish their properties. We can arrange for a property to be furnished in full or replacement of a individual item.

Property Search

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